XXIX Plenary Meeting
Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation
Mon - Fri from 9-00 till 18-00
The CCTT representative office in Russia:
Moscow, Tverskaya street 24/2, 125009
Organizers of the CCTT Plenary Meeting


Russian Railways OJSC (Russian Railways OJSC) - is a Russian state vertically integrated company, the owner of public infrastructure and the largest carrier of the Russian railway network. It was founded in 2003 on the basis of the Ministry of Railways of Russia. 100% of the shares are owned by the Government of Russia.


The International Association Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation (CCTT) is a non - commercial Transport Association registered on 21 Feb 1997.

CCTT-Founders are:

CCTT Projects
TSR Digest 2020
TSR Digest 2020

TSR Digest 2020 is a special project of the Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation.

Analytical guide — a regular publication — provides exclusive information about intermodal transport on the Trans-Siberian route in international traffic. The digest contains up-to-date information about companies, infrastructure, transport and services, and products.

Communication net IntraBan©
Communication net IntraBan©

In September 2017, the CCTT launched a pilot project Communication net IntraBan©. It should provide an access to international documentation, automatization of business processes and simplification of information exchange between partners – participants of the CCTT.  IntraBan gathered all of CCTT members (more than 120 companies from 23 countries, nearly 2 000 000 employees).  Technical and financial support of the project is provided by the Engineering and Industrial concern JSC STRAZH, founded in 1994.


BigLock is an intelligent electronic sealing system based on GLONASS/GPS technology. The system of BigLock developed at the end of 2013 by specialists of JSC STRAZH.

The system consists of a Central database server, a mobile workstation, software, communication systems (GSM cellular communication channel including 3 mobile operators), a satellite communication channel and an electronic sealing device (ESD).

The system BigLock works inreal time, allows you to monitor the status of the ESD on the whole route, solves logistical problems in transportation, including compliance with routes, delivery times, stops, parking, collisions on the way and others.

The CCTT representative office in Russia Moscow, Tverskaya, 24/2, 2nd floor, 4 entrance, 125009
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